Why should I join Seattle Music Commune

Why should I Join Seattle Music Commune?

A> To promote your band via all the sharing
features of this site

B> Create events promote your Gigs and events

C> Create classifieds to promote your CDs and other

D> Create a group that persons can join and comment
on your band

E> Seattle Music Commune is set up for musicians
with items such as band name in the search

F> Fun Emotes related to music and such

G> Share on Facebook twitter google+ Email, Blogs and many more sites with the
touch of a mouse button

H> All musicians are welcome

I> Regular Joe’s are welcome also

J> Get feedback from comments on your wall

K> Upload your MP3’s (with membership)

L> MP3’s are safe from downloading (unless maybe you’re
a pro hacker)

M> Seattle Music Commune is part of Seattle Art Commune which gets great traffic each

N> We hope Seattle Music Commune will be as
successful as SAC/777 (Seattle Art Commune)

O> Get on the ground floor we are just starting up.

P> Be the first band on your block to say I am part
of it.

Q> Enjoy the company of other musicians

R> Be a part of this new scene

S> You can think up a good reason I am sure